Evolution as a Choice

It has been a while since I've written here. It has been a while since I've written much of anything at all. 

It is somewhat embarrassing to have a blog with no updates for more than a year. However, much has been happening in my life. Lost one job, went through several others, then found my absolute dream job, in my dream industry. Learning more than ever. Changing my worldviews. 

It is my desire to write more, it is my choice to create more. More photography, more writing, more video. 

Let this be a symbol of my next form, my next evolution. 

Hopefully more to come and not years before the next followup to this blog.

Saga of Technology

In the 1993 movie Demolition Man, Sylvester Stallone starred as a cop cryogenically frozen for 36 years. John Spartan finds himself in the year 2032.  Things are a bit of a dystopian pseudo-Utopian future where language is sterilized, anything considered bad for you is illegal, everyone is tracked by 'biochips' implanted in their hands, and Taco Bell is the only restaurant left standing after the great franchise wars.

While this movie isn't the highest rated movie of all time. It is certainly cheesy in parts and almost prophetic in others. It has self driving cars, video chat, cryogenic reanimation, and virtual reality sex. It has its local government tracking everyone's movements all of the time via 'biochips' that allow instantaneous localization at all times of anyone. These chips would likely to have been used for a citizen's entire identity and would allow for easy frictionless payment. 


This movie gives us a good example of the meme of one day that all payment systems or identity systems will converge on the ever so scary 'microchip'. We will adorn ourselves with the technology that we currently keep in our pocket?

Will this be a negative?

Does it have to be?

While the idea of a sub-dermal chip being able to track me at all times is frightening, this is almost the reality today. Our phones are as close to being sub-dermal without literally being so. They are on us 24/7. But we still at least have the luxury of not having to dig our phone out of our hand with a scalpel to escape tracking.

Bitcoin could serve as the underlying philosophy of how a frictionless payment chip could work and in a way that wouldn't allow external control. Hopefully we'll still get self driving cars and virtual reality sex.

Slow Blogging

What have I been up to?

Sadly, not much.

The last 6 months have mostly been spent getting my life generally back into order after a long series of hurdles I had to overcome. Thankfully I have my license back after a nearly 4 year long legal issue. The supreme court ruled in my favor, by the way. 

Beyond that, I've been trying and failing to arrange some time to shoot some more virtual reality content. 

Why do I pay for this website if I am never going to write on it?

But hopefully -- if I get my ass out of first gear, I'll actually be posting more things here. I love to write. I just end up writing in other places that hardly anyone sees or cares about. 

DK2 videos have ground to a halt while I try to save up money for a new computer -- my gaming laptop is very capable but not capable enough to really run VR even at 1080p. 

The Gear VR has improved significantly since my original purchase. A lot more content. Some 'dirty' and some just plain fun. 

A lot of news about the CV1 is out. I'm excited. Hopefully more writing and content to come. Damnit!

Focusing on Virtual Reality

A lot has changed since I last posted...

My Oculus Rift arrived!

The 'Oculus' certainly was a gigantic step above the Google Cardboard. From the sheer quality of head tracking to the seeming level of immersion and new plateaus of 'presence' never felt before. My brain was so very easy to trick with JUST the Oculus Configuration Utility -- with a plant that I 'knew' was there in front of me. But it truly was not, my first instinct was to attempt to touch it, this instinct on a level somewhere below the conscious knowledge that I'm looking at a Note 3 screen a few inches from my face. It is truly humbling to see the reptile/mammal brain coexisting in my own cognition. 

We, as Humans, seem so trivial to fool. This basic technology seems 'almost good enough' at this stage. But my biggest roadblock with really enjoying the DK2 was the inability to afford a 'monster rig' to power some of the higher end experiences with at least 75 FPS. My laptop is a gaming laptop with a Nvidia laptop GPU and was able to at least get around 80 FPS on virtual desktop, which was my primary enjoyment of Oculus. But the biggest contract to this experience would arrive about a month later in December...

I got the Gear VR and the Note 4. This experience was insanely better and far more polished than that of the DK2. But this was mostly Samsung's doing in this case... Oculus is still building their backend for their store/more official offering for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. This is evidenced by the lack of a payment platform for the Oculus store. But Gear VR is still a 'beta' product, more or less, it isn't really meant to be considered a 'real' consumer release. Even though it was a consumer release. The Gear VR managed to be fairly impressive, even compared to the DK2 that has a lot more GPU muscle and power behind it compared to the Note 4...

With all that being the case, it is my hope to start putting up more virtual reality related content up and to begin to really focus on learning Android development with that leading into Gear VR development. I really want to continue to create artistic things but perhaps within the venue of virtual reality melded with real reality? A much bigger less explored playground is calling me...


Test Footage for VR gaming show

Here is a quick few minutes of test footage that was made with my friend Amber. She is playing the game Spaceterror VR on Android available on the Google Play Store

This test wasn't perfect but I think shows there is enough potential here to have an ongoing VR of some sort if it this easy with just mobile gaming. More VR as time goes on! 


Fun new content coming and website changes...

Making changes to my website that will allow me to integrate a shopping cart, better integrated galleries/portfolios. Added social features. 

But the biggest thing is I'm really wanting to start updating this blog on an ongoing basis. 

My last few VR blogs are just the start of what I really want to force myself to do: create content that I really enjoy and wish to share with others. Stay tuned here for the future!

I will continue to documents my forays into VR. A lot of new content coming very soon that will center around virtual reality, crypto currencies, gaming, philosophy, and whatever other craziness I can cook up for you!

Google Cardboard, VR Series Part 2

This update is going to be less about the possible philspohical underpinnings of VR and more about the practical thoughts regarding the specific technology that is emerging. Before the Oculus Rift DK2 comes in the mail, I thought I'd experiment with the 'easier' form of VR currently available to experiment with. That is the Google Cardboard:
Read More

VR Convergence -- 'An argument for taking VR srsly' Part 1

Thie below little snippet of writing was written on the way to San Diego from Phoenix. It reflects my excitement and outright terror of fully embracing the possible final result of this technology. Most of these comments come from thinking about the evolution of art froms and forms of entertainment in the last 100 years. Music being a powerful emotional tool to transmit meaning almost infectously between people and it creates an experience for the listener. It starts from this simple thought and goes from there:

Music represents an attempt to convey meaning just like any other art form. What exactly is the source of the meaning that they are attempting to convey? Thoughts and ideas, as complex as they are, aren't easy to transmit in full.clarity.

Television is another attempted conveyance of thoughts, of meaning. This is a one sided (mostly) visual construct that seems to fall short with me. Perhaps the fact that television has been so heavily conquered and the corporate emptiness made king.

Video games are an awakening, they are the bi-directional interaction and that is the most valuable thing that has come from entertainment in the last few decades.

What is the next step to this? How is immersion created? What is the next level of creating immersion and completeness of experience?

Virtual reality has long since been the masturbatory fantasy of nerds and cyberpunks alike. It is the next novel step to dominate reality, by creating our own realities. The next few decades will be spent perfecting these realities. Someday kids will grow up in virtual worlds more amazing and real than real life.

VR represents the collision of experience and transmission of thought unparalleled in Human history. Short term it represents the emergence of a new art form, a new way to experience reality, a new way to learn, a new way to stay in touch, and possible ideas that I cannot even conceive as I fly down this highway on my 30th birthday.

I imagine the best examples of virtual reality being self adaptive VR simulations that create narrative based on the person's actions. Or games that allow game mechanics to be created 'on the fly'. These are the true magic that will help things like this see widespread adoption.

Being able to stop thinking about getting a bigger monitor and just doing everything inside a HMD seems silly now...

Will music be enough? Will a simple video on a monitor ever be enough? Why simply watch something when you can EXPERIENCE something? Become a different person for an extended flight? Experience a different reality! Distractions or are they real? What IS "real" at that point?

The further exploration and critical analysis of everyone's perception of 'what is real' will only create a positive benefit in society. 

Update Aug 9th: I plan to elaborate further in an on-going series regarding virtual reality. I actually get my Oculus Rift next month.

Attempt to explain lack of updates turns into lots of words.

Blasted reality. Blasted corporate job.

This website costs me money to keep on, but I do not post anything of consequence. Perhaps I should? 

Things should be created. My little mind needs a place to dump its funny little nonsense. 

Places that I can contrive and imagine for an audience. The closest I'll ever get to performing in front of a crowd.

This is it. Me trying to show off.

Little animal creature wearing underwear pressing raised plastic over a red led with weird squiggles on them. Pressing certain combination of these symbols seems to create meaning and can narrowly transfer 'thoughts' as one might conceive them. Much is lost however, so is it so wrong to dream of a collective concoiousness where our thoughts are shared in their whole entirity? Where our imagination is shared with everyone all of the time and theirs shared with you?

Lies and secrets all fall away. This is a terrifying thought, I have to admit. But the consquence of that would be that corruption would no longer have a place to hide. But I have to take a step back from my current point of view to see if it is as terrifying.

If I grew up in a world where everyone knew everyone else's thoughts, all the irrelevant social divides could be discarded in exchange for a cognitive playground existence paradise, one perfectly suited for high end VR technologies, where thought experiments and games can be played. Where we can meet everyone else on the planet as the immaterial essences* that they actually are, without irrelevant resitriction of culture, language, relgion, skin color, gender, or other preceived seperation. This represents a departure from what one might 'classically' conceive as reality -- as something far more flexiable and undefined.

All of this comes together in my current obsessions and thoughts with the primary being: Bitcoin. Bitcoin represents a powerful tool of subversion against a broken and oppressive financial system. It isn't perfect, it could be a meta-tatic of the globalist cabal**, it has been the center of some negative attention but the underlying technology and spirit are what makes this special. It represents a movement of decenteralized P2P technology that subverts the need for old systems of control. It gives the keys to everyone to equal out responsability, to remove the top-down control structures. 

Bitcoin is one of the first steps toward a global collective of paired minds. Money is the grease in the gears of an efficent healthy soceity*** and the more efficent our currency is.. the easier our soceity will work. From there? 

It amuses me that the world is moving towards something that I've always wanted it to move towards... assimilation, becoming one with the Borg. Star Trek has helped us to define our goal, our ideal, to become perfect through the assimilation of all life and technology, to scour the cosmos. 

Resistance is futile, bro.

Technology will allow us to ignore our petty biology and see what greater things exist out there in the ether where only thoughts exist.. we can go back to the Dream Zone...




*I intentionally avoid using the word 'soul' here as I really dislike the concept.

** Slightly tongue in cheek, I assure you. Slightly.

*** I also await the day when moeny can be removed entirely, but for now... we can use Bitcoin as an intermediary as the global intelligence network collecetive world brain etc etc becomes a reality over the course of however long it takes.