Slow Blogging

What have I been up to?

Sadly, not much.

The last 6 months have mostly been spent getting my life generally back into order after a long series of hurdles I had to overcome. Thankfully I have my license back after a nearly 4 year long legal issue. The supreme court ruled in my favor, by the way. 

Beyond that, I've been trying and failing to arrange some time to shoot some more virtual reality content. 

Why do I pay for this website if I am never going to write on it?

But hopefully -- if I get my ass out of first gear, I'll actually be posting more things here. I love to write. I just end up writing in other places that hardly anyone sees or cares about. 

DK2 videos have ground to a halt while I try to save up money for a new computer -- my gaming laptop is very capable but not capable enough to really run VR even at 1080p. 

The Gear VR has improved significantly since my original purchase. A lot more content. Some 'dirty' and some just plain fun. 

A lot of news about the CV1 is out. I'm excited. Hopefully more writing and content to come. Damnit!