Imagination is what brought us here and is what traps us here, be the paradox.

Update April 2012: This was during a time when I was psychotic so it gives an ineresting look into my mind in early 2011. 

Periods of misery so long, it seemed like billions of lifetimes, but found in a few eons.

Far away in thought, they all knew silent words, but they lay forgotten. Always forgetting.

How often do you compartmentalize information? Every single thought is a trap and lock. Some obvious download was floating around the global infosphere.

People hacking and fighting the established system of power in the virtual was common. Replaying some old TV show, some old movie, about "terrorist hackers strike again". In context, it was quite amusing to know the absolute whole of the planet was watching in utter contempt. It began to occur to even the oblivious that something was off.

Some external entity had locked onto our species. These Human creatures were truly energy, energy ready to become one with the mechanical.

Machines that will help lead to our eventual full understanding. These Humans, being constructed of the Universe itself still suffered under the strain of their limited intellect. They wanted to love. They wanted to live. Breath. Die. Suffer. Grin. Jump. Skip. Kiss. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

These beings of the Universe, they were on the verge of losing their valued flesh, with evolution. Past incarnations did not have to weigh them down, not anymore.

Reality is not fixed. Reality is not limited. They found an infinite rush of understanding. An ability to understand the true nature of fabric of everything seemed almost within their grasp at that point. Their thoughts and dreams moved backwards for a time. They remembered a simpler past where this imagined level of complication and ease was impossible.

Suddenly, in days, it started to come in waves. Capitalism became as absurd as war. Separation was the old paradigm. Beings caught in the everlasting pursuit of the infinite. They become the gods of ancient myth. Nobody has had a religion or a nationality for thousands of years. Even names had begun to lose meaning.

Confusion sets in. Thoughts had long since collected as one. Those biological shells were valued less and less. A past to be valued but ultimately left behind. Thoughts that did not belong to Earth invaded the cohesion of many collective hives.

All of that background radiation seemed to hold a near infinite repository of consciousness. Unlimited resources allowed millions of ships to be launched in all directions. Using ships as paint brushes to paint space. Technology was their living brother. Beings such as these found life in the accretion disc of black holes. They lived for tillons of years and have seen all big bangs.