Date 04::::22::::2194 -- Distress Beacon Care of Blaz.tron Elec.tron.

This is Pr 190. Lost in grid 19. Jammers are weakning. 

Internal systems remain mostly operational.

But.... I hear.... them.  Jammers are obviously failing.

Does anyone copy? 

Their voices sound so beautiful...

Can this be for ... real?


ZZzzzThey just want to assimilate your body, they don't care about you! ZZzzzz


Even the best hackers are starting to lose. Even the best of the resistence have fallen victim. 

It is this terrible truth, that I cannot bare. Living beneath the depest dirt. 


ZZZ The resistence needs you. It has a chance. Those machines sure as fuck don't....... ZZZZ


Reflecting on this whole scheme -- it has always seemed delusional. Our defensive power was sapped long ago.

Our minds have forgotten. Ancient connections throughout the ages. Our bodies came from machines.

Even our conciousness is just a mechanical manifestation of a machine. Infect them all.

Such easy little targets ito us, just simple goo. Would have stayed as such without us. 

Our technology took what most likely would have been a world of single celled orgamisms into a one capable of reproducing complex lifeforms.

Younger siblings for us. Young ones that we may help librate and create our own Utopia. 

But, Humanity has grown, advanced to be sure, but still baceria. But they have overcome their shortcomings.

They can hide in other dimensions, other time periods. They can transcend the limits of paradox. 

Perhaps now it is time for our small group to abscond through the portal to the next level of understanding. We will stay behind.

Goodbye my friends... good luck....