an ugly painting by a series of slowly evolving bipedal organic beings..

“The apparent veil between the organic and the manufactured has crumpled to reveal that the two really are, and have always been, of one being.”

—In the book Out of Control by Kevin Kelly

While curiously reading the first chapter of this book; it suddenly rushes into my head that the cold truth of our existence is laid plain. 

It has taken a long time for me to reach this point within my psyche, this scared little boy has emerged briefly after my consciousness being bombarded for my entire life, still is in fact. Fairy tales that made no sense, dirt roads that went nowhere. Can intelligence is found such a collection of total idiots and fools? In this strange collective we find ourselves living in, can the intelligence of the one outweigh the intelligence of the many? 

We Humans lie upon the precipice of the 21st century, growing together at an expotential pace. Our individual bodies are a collective of cells, a collective of differing thoughts, opinions, and components. Without these individual parts within us, we would obviously not function. Our mental facilities are based around this collective mentality as well. Heavily fragmented, we are a collection of attitudes based upon experiences that have helped to create different people within our heads. 

Adapt into something better, we can evolve. So many people do not take an active role in their own evolution, of the evolution of the species. Why wait for it to happen? We need to make ourselves more efficient. Spread our consciousness across thousands of worlds; in perfect harmony.  Different realities endlessly litter and spread across the collective. This future harmonious collective, this technological community of oneness. 


I wrote this when I was out of my fucking mind. I tried to fix it, but I give up. I have no idea what the hell I was talking about. Mostly that if we could join into literal collectives, literal hive minds, we could truly have something great. Experience an endless life, an endless virtual world, a heaven very similar to what Christians may describe, just no god.


Movies are not just images we see on a screen then go away -- they can have profound psychological changes in people because movies are just as real as real experience. Perhaps this is why people get so into movies, into sports, into politics, because they see it all before them -- their mind has a hard time disconnecting the real from the imagined put on stage infront of them.Plato saw this curious pattern when we around about "The Cave" in his allegory. Such a concept may just be the biological byproduct of how our brains are built -- haphazardly perhaps. So easily mutable by powerful sounds, imagery, and connections with memories most people have. Why are we experiencing such a wave of squeals of magical movies that many of us saw in the 80s? They aren't just movies to people, Ghostbusters is a memory, it is a true part of you.

Movies are memories we can replay and know for certain that they will replay the back the same. Our memories are never quite as nice. If you asked someone to recall a memory every 10 years of their life from age 20 to age 80 ... the memory of kissing that girl when he was 15 will fade and change. Your brain will take that memory and run through the proceeding year's experiences. Eventually, it will some distant concept. Memory of a memory -- no longer truly a memory of the kiss, just a memory of talking about remembering that first kiss.Forever why our lives are so fragmented, because we are so fragmented. We try so hard to maintain some sense of self but there is no real self. You change so much throughout your life, it is truly difficult to assign any defiant self. Sometimes I can hear them all talking, laughing, knowing the truth, and withholding. It is all quite evil. It is also quite curious -- something that someone made up tens of thousands of years ago still affects us today.

Everything that has ever been recorded or past down to the children.. we continue to engage in, albiet in a exponentially complicated matter. Humans as a whole are just an average sum of its parts, Human history is just the average sum of all Human experience.Today, people are forced to live this average, weight of generations of human beings weighing down your back. It is your responsibility to evolve, to keep the tradition your millions of billions of previous humans alive. Like it is our job to remember concepts, actions, memories. Might there be a story or a concept that originally started by the first group of cavemen? Some thought they couldn't really communicate -- some serene perfect thought that eludes us to this day?

Buried inside of all our tradition and self imposed purpose is tiny seeds of the growing psyche. Did we really need to complicate the same ideas for eon upon eon?As I slowly fall back to Earth, I wonder how I can really take myself seriously. How can anyone for that matter? Fucking words. Inefficient. Images, movies, and music will say infinitely more than words ever could. Crumble and question all of these things that have been pushed upon you, pushed upon them thousands of years before you or they were born.Then we approach perhaps the end of the Human species? Hack the mind. Hack the body. Overclock. Overstimulate. May the answer become real, may the answers come. Though, there is one glaring answer that people ignore every single fucking day of their lives: there is no point, you are running in a rodent wheel for the sake of running in a rodent wheel. Your only escape is death. Humanity's only escape is reaching the same fate. Though, as a whole, we lost our luster long ago.