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Sometimes I begin to analyze all those memories in my childhood. Unfortunately, I have a very limited relocation of very many things in my childhood, save that of my love for Sci-fi related things.

When I was in first grade, one of my most vivid memories was being obsessed with the Ghostbusters movies and cartoon shows. I had all of the toys and when someone stole one of the toys in second grade; I had never felt such anger in my entire life. 

I question whether or not those movies were my actual memories. As I grew older, another Sci-Fi staple took over as my long term obsession, Star Trek. Though, one of my most significant memories were of the Borg from Star Trek The Next Generation. In sixth grade, a very vivid memory of mine was dicussing the pros and cons of being a drone in the Borg collective. Then for a long period in my older teenage years, I began to forget Science Fiction, I just grew cold to everything, very much like a drone in the collective.

Recently, I found it slowly working its way back into my life. Science Fiction is a true joy to me, as I long to escape Earth and go on adventures that truly mean something. Exploring the self through the exploration of the galaxy and simply having fun.

Though I found my remergence into Sci-Fi to really come to its apex when I discovered a show called Lexx. Centering around a 2000 year old dead assassin who fights an evil named His Divine Shadow, along with a security guard named Stanley Tweedle, and a love slaved named Zev. 

It took my brain to the craziest of places, explored things I had never considered. It had sex, it had sadistic death, and just plain interesting scenes of evil at the hands of His Divine Shadow. Lexx is undoubtly my favorite Sci-fi show ever in the two universes.