Sometimes Inside In the tales of Sci-Fi

Sometimes, when I fall into these other worlds, very sci-fi feeling worlds -- worlds where things are hushed. Blurred and odd. 

Falling down into these retro hotels. 80s hotels. 

Falling apart hotels. 

My arm stopped working yesterday -- need to get it taken in.

Nothing makes sense anymore, with these implants, I sometimes feel like I'm living in like 2011. I really believe it, like some kind of weird acid flashback. 

My entire world has been spent wanting to implant circuits, now suddenly it is my utter obsession. Still needing to actually write. 

I wonder if I am real. I wonder. 

Detached from reality. Watched more Lexx, watched Dexter, watched Robocop. Doing Sci-Fi research. Machines with evil intent. Burning Alive. Insanity will always take hold.Always in these stories, the police are there. Chains, control, and evil demons that oversee it all from afar. Cackling and scratching at the sky.