About Sick Subroutine

Sick Subroutine, the name, grew from a growing obsession with the future of technology. Months spent fantasizing about the possible futures where "hacker gangs" are far more powerful than the gangs of the 20th century could have ever been. Virtual reality that allows reality to bend and twist in ways that defy logic. 

From these concepts came 'Sick Subroutine', a sort of retro hacker slang that reminds me of these futures and of movies past. In the same vein, through my work I hope to create and develop concepts that defy the previously established ideas of what reality should be.

Several projects are forthcoming that are mostly video based but should be interesting.

(Formerly Broken Image Photography)

About Chaz Carlson

It seems prudent to give a little background on my experience and relevant information:

About 8 years ago I started taking photos. Exploring both 35mm and medium format mediums, I realized I was spending thousands of dollars a year on photos that I wasn't really making any return on. So about 6 years ago, I got my first digital SLR. It was the most magical device I've ever held in my hands; since that time I've taken hundreds of thousands of photos.

At first, I basically shot everything anything, after getting bored with shooting inanimate objects I decided that living flesh was far more interesting. A varying sort of portraits followed but eventually I began to land on quirky photo rich imagery, colorful but dark. These images give an idea how my imagination sees the world in any particular moment.

Later on I began to shoot weddings and they were very fun. I also made money that I had never made with my portraits before or since. But it also drained any money reserves I had saved up before that in my attempts to figure out the perfect way to bring in constant income. Beyond that, the images were just not the style that I wanted to protray. So I decided to stop shooting weddings.

This was followed by a prolonged period of disconnection with everything. 

Then more recently, I've started to get back into the game, albiet slowly.

Or at all. Probably distracted by some Dogecoin.

A dimension appears. Virtual reality. Augmented reality. New toys to play with! Always with the toys!